Indian Harvest

Indian Harvest Takeaway invites you to enjoy the distinctive flavours of delicious Indian recipes. Our aim is to recreate the culinary experience of golden times where every meal was a feast and every feast was a gourmet ' s delight. Our menu embodies a unique blend of ethnic and progressive dishes at the same time covers the favourite recipes from all over the Indian sub continent.

Our food is exceptional as we use the freshest, natural ingredients and our skilled chefs cook fresh dish to the order. The traditional Indian cooking method with the finest Indian spices brings aroma to the dishes, makes it delicious and gives you a memorable mouth watering experience.  With Indian

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Our curries are prepared in a style with the finest natural Indian spices, and finished with finely chopped coriander.

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We serve chicken tikka and curried lamb in nan with salad and sauce of your choice

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With years of experience in Indian food service, we are committed to providing the  best traditional recipes with a wide range of delicious sundries.

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* Pictures are for illustration purpose. The end product may differ